Our Product

Society Control System is designed to reduce and remove the existence of scams. It increases the level of protection for the people living in societies through its automated processes which keep all the records. This system will be able to include important information such as Details of a person living in the society, details of family members, Visitor’s Name, Vehicle Details etc.

In situations involving national-level security such as immigration control and criminal investigations and also in personallevel security such as for computer and system logins, personal identification procedures can be carried out by Society Control System.

Society Control System also works on the concept of social networking where people can get connected through the portal in order to spread any information about the society and any event which is going to organize. Complete billing information will also be saved and reflected by the system which aware users about the pending bills at regular intervals.

Along with securities and other parameters, the system reduces the manual work of entries and their management. Lots of time and papers get saved by the system. This system “Society Control System” is a cloud based system to manage day today activities of any co-operative housing society, they require the coordination among the respective management societies coupled with the vendors which provide these services so that the appropriate convenience can be provided. Hence directly or indirectly the society control system is contributing for some national causes as well.