Terms Condition

Society Control System is introducing some clauses under the section of “Terms and Conditions” to maintain complete transparency with the users. The intention is to spread awareness about the complete system and the kind of information which will get collected at the time use. Hence to serve the audiences most reliably, we are mentioning all the clauses of the Society Control System.

Society Control System will be referred to as (We, Our, and Us) whereas the product users will be referred to as (You and Your). By using the platform of Society Control System (http://societycontrol.com/), the terms and conditions will immediately active towards your use of the same. By using it, you are giving your full consign to an agreement towards the use of the Society Control System. Also, the mentioned terms and conditions will be applied to all our products like the website and mobile applications. Please Note: You are completely free not to use this website (http://societycontrol.com/) if you are not ok with the terms and conditions.

Intellectual Property Rights :
  • All the material (images, content, video, etc) which are present on the website of Society Control System (http://societycontrol.com/) are completely owned by us and comes under the clause of intellectual property rights. You are getting a grant of only viewing the presented materials of the platforms.

  • Below mentioned are the clauses from which the users are completely restricted. Hence always browse the site by keeping the below-mentioned clauses in the mind:

  • Downloading/Publishing the content of the used material of the website Society Control System (http://societycontrol.com/) on any other platform is prohibited.

  • Sublicensing and selling of website to any other party will allow us to take legal action against the user.

  • Promotion or publicity of the website without taking approval from the admin.

  • Damaging the repudiation of the website with or without intention, if it is detected then we are completely eligible to take action.

  • Data of the Society Control System (http://societycontrol.com/) should not be used for selling purposes as we always pay attention to the privacy of our esteemed clients

  • Hacking and Server attack is strictly prohibited and if it found and proofed then the person will have to face the legal consequences as per the cyber law.

Data/Information collected from the system

In order to avail the services of the Society Control System (http://societycontrol.com/) below mentioned information is needed by the system in order to serve in the best possible manner. The data will get collected in the form of

  • Complete Name

  • Society Address

  • Mobile/Landline Number

  • Bills

  • Email Id

  • Date of Birth: To wish the person

  • Details of family members

  • Details of Vehicle

  • Rent/Purchased Flats Details

  • Interests

We are informing the details prior to use in order to keep the transparency between us and you.

Third-Party Content :

The website Society Control System is using Third-Party APIs in order to verify the user's details and payment processing. The two APIs which are being used :

  • SMS API : OTP verification is mandatory hence the verification of users will be done via SMS API

  • Payment Gateway API : The system has membership plans and in order to avail the plans users will be able to make safe payment via APIs of Payment Gateways.

  • Server : In order to host the site of the Society Control System (http://societycontrol.com/) server has been taken from the third party. If any damage occurs from there end then the Society control system will not be held responsible for data loss etc.

The collected data as mentioned above may get shared with the third-party service provider in order to avail the smoother running of the application.

Server Management and Security

Complete data will be stored on the secure server and proper backup will be taken. All precautions will be followed in the best possible way. Anti-Virus will also be installed to avoid to protect the information from any unwanted/virus attack.

Further there are some limitations which shall be considered and before using the Society Control System you should be aware about those threats.

Server attacks due to any virus or natural calamity will not be in our control hence we will not be responsible for data loss in such a scenario. Last taken backup will be restored by us. We will not be responsible for any data lose after restoration.

No warranties

This Website (http://societycontrol.com/) is provided “as is,” with all faults, and Society Control System express no representations or warranties, of any kind related to this Website or the materials contained on this Website. Also, nothing contained on this Website shall be interpreted as advising you. All materials are given only to share the information so that users could know about it prior to using it.

We are not forcing any one to use the system and you are free either to use it or not based on your interest and requirement. The content and images are available only in order to spread awareness/information about our product Society Control System.


The admin of (http://societycontrol.com/) is having full authority to add/update or delete the clause which is found to be null/invalid as per the government norms. The team of Society Control will keep on updating the clauses by following the rules of law and hence we recommend checking the page at regular intervals in order to avoid any kind of discrepancies. We will try that changes of the clauses should not affect any user and also ensures that the remaining clauses will not get affected due to the change any particular clause. This will help all us to use the system in a much smoother way. Only those clauses will be used, which are counted as applicable. We have huge value for our clients and hence their privacy and comfort will be taken care of on high priority.

Revise/Variation of Terms and Conditions

Society Control System will be authorized to make changes in the policy of terms and conditions based on the user's comfort zone and by following the legalities. Hence we always recommend keeping looking into the page of Terms and Conditions so that all discrepancies should be avoided.

Unacceptable Behavior

If any user shows unacceptable behavior by abiding the terms and conditions then legal actions will be taken without any intimation and the user has to face it. The condition gets raised when any user intentionally/unintentionally tries to affect the image of the product by spreading unwanted materials or messages. Such cases will not be tolerated and immediate legal action will be taken against the user and all his/her accesses will be removed.


Society Control System is having the right to assign, transfer or change obligations of the terms and conditions while you are not allowed to change or transfer the obligations which are mentioned in the clauses of terms and conditions. You are requested again to understand each and every point

Complete Agreement

The Entire terms and conditions are written by following the legal norms of the country because it will create a secure system for our clients and a good relation will always be maintained between us and you. By using the website of Society Control System you are fully giving your agreement in order to use by following the terms and conditions.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction

Mentioned terms and conditions are as per the legal norms by following the laws of the constitution of India. All the legal concerns will be raised and handled in the court of Gujrat Jurisdiction.

Feel Free to get in touch

We are always there to help you. Hence feel free to discuss anything related to the social control system.

objectionable content

The application has the provision through which the objectionable content will be removed. The application is completely dynamic and we have the full fledged admin panel for the same. The back end team continuously monitors the performance of application in the real environment and if we receive any undefined or objectionable content it will get removed with an immediate affect.

A mechanism for users to flag objectionable content

The application has the dedicated panel for the users through which users are enabled to share their concern in regards to the application. Hence if any objectionable content is seen by the end users they will inform through the communicative channel and immediately the content will be removed by the backend team.

A mechanism for users to block abusive users

The application has the provision to either activate or block the users. Hence whenever any abusive content is received, then user will be blocked via admin panel by the team at backend.

The developer must act on objectionable content reports within 24 hours by removing the content and ejecting the user who provided the offending content

Yes, definitely. If any abusive or objectionable content is received it will get removed on priority. .