About Us

Society Control ensures the power of transparency which keeps the security of all the individuals living in the society. The automated panel allows you to sleep without any kind of threat because have facilitation of complete tracking of the happenings which are going on in your society. They system is designed by keeping the comfort zone of the people residing inside the society and it does not reveal the privacy because we know the value of it.

The system has different roles and based on each role the rights are allotted. Hence the Society Control System is the complete bundle of security at which one could rely. Further, along with security the system also works on the franchise model which gives a scope of earning to an individual who wants to earn. Hence the system is contributing for the decrement of unemployment as well.

Vision :

The vision of Society Control System is not limited in any specific zone and the database is increasing day by day. We are aiming to get implemented in all the societies across the country so that the level of external threat gets minimized and people could have a peaceful life. Apart from that the management of societies will get an easy portal by avoiding the paper work which will save their money and time both. Join us by becoming our partners and let’s move towards a better tomorrow!!!

Mission :

Society Control System aims to offer a secure life. Nowadays security became the primary agenda for all of us and hence we are making an effective contribution through the automated process which will keep the records of all the entities related to the specific society. Society Control System has been designed by keeping the advanced technology in mind and our mission includes the safety of societies through the implementation of the software which not only makes the surroundings secure but also carries the provision to ease the routine activities. Make your society safe & secure by installing Society Control System.