Privacy Policy

At Society Control System, we have a big concern for the privacy of our users and by keeping this in mind the complete privacy policy is being shared here so that the users could have sense of understanding prior to use the system either via web platform or mobile application. The Privacy Policy contains the information about the data which gets captured during the use of Society Control System. So check the policies point by point and ensure to use once you are fully agree.

Under the policy Society Control System is referred via We, Us, and our. All type of users are referred as you and yours.

Information Collected by Society Control System
  • As mentioned above the system has multiple roles such as
    • Main User

    • Distributer

    • Society Admin

    • Partner

    • Builder

    • Super Admin

    Complete roles and rights are explained under the Features section of the website of Society Control System.

  • Data gets collected based on the user type. Complete data which gets collected are
    • Name of the user and details of members living in the society

    • Date of birth, Mobile Number, Email Id and ID Proof

    • Vehicle Details

  • System Information Collected by Society Control System:

    When the user starts using the system, the below-mentioned information gets captured automatically like:

    • The IP address of the system

    • Unique mobile device identifiers

    • The language chosen by the users

    • The location from where the application has been accessed.

    • Internet provider’s details

    • Information of the browsers

  • Third Parties API
    • In order to verify the user the Society Control System has used SMS API. It keeps the privacy of users and protects the users from spam users.

  • How we use the information captured:

    The collected data will be used for

    • Marketing

    • Promotional activities

    • To provide better customer support

    • To enhance the quality of the product.

The flow of Society Control System

The system is purely designed to increase the level of security of the societies. Various types of users are enrolled and specific rights are given for the smooth running of the system. The concept of society control system is oriented to automate the processes of society’s which will reduce the manual hassles of the management and all the records get maintained by the system only. Simply by login users will be able to get the complete details about bills, visitors, reminders etc. History is also maintained in order to help various agencies if in case any accident gets occur. The details concept of the system is mentioned under the feature section.

Update in Privacy Policy

The criteria of privacy policy are updated at regular interval to maintain the transparency with the users. Hence keep a regular visit at the page in order to keep you aware. The policies may get change due to upgradation of the system or change in the government norms. We will do our best that none of the users get affected by the use of some clauses. Hence keep a regular view.

Get in Touch

Our team is at its toe to help you out. So feel free to get in touch if in case of any query comes. Our help lines are available for the proper assistance and guidance.