Society Features

Society Control System is having vast and versatile features which are very easy to understand

Society Control System has been designed by keeping the perspective of various user types so that the system could be used in a convenient way. Hence below mentioned modules are added in the system:

Society Admin :

Society Admin will have its own login from where he/she could be able to manage the society in an automatic manner like and the accesses which are given to him are as :

  • Creation of events and inviting all or specific members of the society

  • Generation of Reminders, Announcements and Notice for all or specific members of society

  • Updation of list of members and their details into the system

  • Updation of profile of society

  • Scheduling of Meetings

  • Access of Complaints and Suggestion Boxes.

  • Visitor’s tracking along with vehicles

  • Utility Booking

Main User, Partner and Builder :

  • Management of their own profile along with full details

  • Able to check all the details of building, society, events, invitations, builder etc

  • Able to get notification for pending bills and complete bill payments

  • Able to get notification for the actions generated by the Society Admin

  • Complaint and Suggestion Box

  • Able to make donations and book Utilities

Super Admin :

  • Server Management

  • Super Admin has the access to create the user type of the system

  • Implementation of Society Control System in societies

  • Management of Advertisement for which people approach from outside of the society

  • Support Management in case of Ticket raise by any of the user’s role

  • All the points which are mentioned in main user’s section is completely under the control of Super Admin